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Played April 10-13, 15 at Alchemia (ul. Estery 5).


Holy Week serves as a pretext for playwrights from L.A., Vancouver, New York, and Krzeszowice to present radically diverse views on contemporary spirituality and human nature. Four one act plays in Polish with English subtitles:



By Soren A. Gauger
Directed by Ałła Masłowskaja
With Paweł Rogala, Soren Gauger, Filip Palmer, Katarzyna Palmer, Ewa Trzask, Paweł Dziadur, Jose Raul Garcia Leal, Bogdan Tondera and Maximilian Johnson

Three short plays dealing with the subjects of non-existence and carrying the cross.



Broken Cross

Written and directed by Joshua Crone
Photographic projections by Edyta Zwolińska
Music by Jonathan Crone

With Grzegorz Juras and Kajetan Wolniewicz

An apostle's denial, set in Poland circa 1981.



A crime scene from the Gospel According to Luke

By John Steppling
Directed by Joshua Crone

With Dorota Bochenek, Tadeusz Dylawerski, Grzegorz Juras and Krystian Wojtarowicz

The stations of the cross revisited in a police reenactment.




Written and directed by Zenon Fajfer
With Beata Schimscheiner and Kamil Rzońca

The Mother waits to collect her Son's body.


Beata Schimsheiner and Kamil Rzońca in Pieta.
(phot. Edyta Zwolińska)

Bogdan Tondera, Kasia Palmer and Soren Gauger set the stage for Triptych. (phot. Adrian Spuła)

Simon (Kajetan Wolniewicz) and Saul (Grzegorz Juras) in Broken Cross. (phot. Adrian Spuła)

Dorota Bochenek, Krystian Wojtarowicz and Grzegorz Juras in Recreation. (phot. Adrian Spuła)

Beata Schimsheiner in Pieta.
(phot. Edyta Zwolińska)